ZenChain Protocol — a new blockchain for optimizing the work of NFT and DeFi.

ZenChain Protocol — a dedicated blockchain that is designed for stable and optimized operation of NFT and DeFi products.

Why ZenChain?

The cryptocurrency market is a very extensive field of activity and a huge market. With the recent hype of DeFi, followed by NFT products, this market needs something new that will allow it to work stably without problems.

That is why the ZenChain protocol will be created, for more stable operation of DeFi functions with integrated NF. There are already a lot of projects that use these functions, but it will be a dedicated blockchain that will allow you to work stably, there will be no errors and delays.

ZenChain System:

The main and most important feature of this blockchain is that it is being built specifically for DeFi and NFT and will immediately work stably in this area.

Zenchain is a cross-chain blockchain that will support the support and use of other blockchains.

ZenChain is compatible with :

  • Solana

I think that in the future, the number of blockchains that will be supported will increase, but even at this stage, a very large number of blockchains are connected to work with the project.


The project is just beginning its development, but already at such an early stage it already has partners.

No one has learned much about the project yet, but due to the strong wave of hype NFT and DeFi, this project can be an excellent solution for optimizing the work of DeFi applications with integrated NFT.

Testnet Campaign:

Since the project is at an early stage of launch and at the very start of its development, it needs active validators that will ensure the operation of the blockchain.

You need to launch your node, start providing support for the ZenChain blockchain, and you will participate in the campaign, which will result in the distribution of $30,000.

More information about Validator Campaign — https://docs.zenchain.co/campaigns/the-validator-campaign

NFT Marketplace:

The project also creates its own NFT marketplace. So far, I have not found any information about this. But I think it will be a normal market for NFT services.

Let me remind you: the main task of ZenChain is a convenient, simple and fast use of DeFi and NFT technologies.

Therefore, if the blockchain is stable and fast, then the demand for their NFT marketplace will be frenzied.

About ZEN token:

ZEN — the main asset of this project, which will be used inside the blockchain.

Details of ZEN token:

This token is not going to appear on the market constantly, the token has a deflationary structure, which will increase the value and value of the ZEN token.

My opinion about ZenChain:

After such a rapid growth of interest in DeFi and NFT technologies, the ZenChain will definitely not be superfluous in the market, but on the contrary should bring good development in this area.

The project is just beginning its development, at the moment it is in the test network, when exactly the launch of the main network is not yet known.

I advise you all to take part in the development of this project and launch your own node in the ZenChain network.

Important links:

Website: https://zenchain.co
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zenchainofficial
Telegram channel: https://t.me/Zenchainofficial
Telegram channel: https://t.me/zenchaingroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zenchainco
Github: https://github.com/zenchainprotocol
Medium: https://medium.com/zenchain-protocol

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