Student token — a new platform for using DEFI and NFT functions around the world.

Student token — this is a new platform where people can easily and easily use all the functions of Defi and NFT.

The project has made a blockchain for universities, this technology is already used in more than 500 universities, 36 countries.

Why do I need a Student Coin (STC)?

The project has created its own platform, running on the STS token system, where each user can create their own token without any problems and use it for their own purposes, such as:

  1. trade
  2. crowdfunding
  3. management
  4. voting results

Student coin promotes the technology of “tokenization” into the future, where each person and each company needs its own token for the purposes described above.

Tokens that will be created on this platform can be sold/exchanged on the exchange of this project-STG Exchange.

STC Exchange —

Incentive to use the project:

  • A student creates their personal token to get a decentralised student loan and pay their tuition at a promising university.
  • STC holders at the STC Exchange can trade and fund various personal tokens created with Student Coin to receive cyclical payments.

Project partners:

As I said, the project already supports more than 500 universities around the world, namely from 36 countries.

List of these universities-

What does the Student Coin project want to achieve?

  1. With the help of the Student Coin Project, you can easily create your own token and use it for any purpose. It will be as easy as creating an account on any social network.
  2. On the platform, you can learn detailed information about all tokens, learn new information, and in simple words, explore the cryptocurrency world.
    You can do this here —
  3. The platform will have its own exchanger, where you can quickly and conveniently exchange tokens.

Why Student Coin?

These tokens are paid for free by a student of top universities, with which students can buy education-related things, such a system they want to implement in the future.

  1. This platform allows you to easily and simply create your own tokens and manage them easily.
  2. STC Token holders will receive a cyclical payment.
  3. By owning an STC token, you partially own all the tokens that were created on this platform.
  4. The platform has created educational courses where you can start studying the cryptocurrency world and each coin individually, as well as information about exchanges and wallets.

RoadMap of project —

STC Ecosystem

Student Coin — this is really a very large platform, where there is a lot of everything, the project ecosystem includes:

  1. STC Exchange — the project will have its own exchange, where everyone can exchange tokens.
  2. STC Terminal — a platform for creating DEFI tokens, NFT tokens, and much more.
  3. STC Education — A platform where everyone can get acquainted with the basic knowledge about the cryptocurrency world, coins, etc.
  4. STC Voting — Vote in the project development & sign petitions with STC.
  5. STC Swap — Swap your Student Coins from Waves to the Ethereum blockchain.

My opinion about Student Coin project:

The project has been developing since 2017 and has already found many partners, more than 500 universities that already use the technology of this project, as well as many cryptocurrency projects support this project.

Coinmarket, coingeco, coinpaprica, coinstats and other projects actively support and invest their funds in this project.

The maximum circulation of tokens is 10 billion, which is a lot — yes. I also thought that this is too much, considering that 1/5 of the tokens are already issued and actively used.

But, you can look at the entire platform of this project, it is huge, tokens will be used very much everywhere, on each platform of this project, so this is not too large a number of tokens for such a huge project as Student Coin.

This project is already used in real life, so the coin can still grow in price, especially nothing has been launched yet, not one platform does not work, this is not an investment advice, but you can try to become a holder of this token, but only when you get acquainted with the project in detail.

STC Launchpad ICO:

Join the biggest ICO of 2021—

The project has an ICO where you can buy STS tokens, there will still be many pre-sales of these tokens, I advise you not to miss and at least throw part of your balance into this coin.

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