Phemex — Powerful Trades, Seamless Experience.

Today in the article I will tell you about such a cryptocurrency exchange — Phemex.

This is an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange, where you can trade tokens and get some bonuses, participate in some hands, but still there are some advantages of this exchange that others do not have, today I will tell you about it!

Features of this exchange:

  • Provides both spot and contract trading services
  • Easier and safer deposits and withdrawals.
  • Offers advanced features such as FIX API, subaccount system, and L3 quotes.*

Phemex and Competitors:

To provide users with the best possible trading experience, Phemex has set high standards in the various functional dimensions of our platform. Compared to others, their platform easily stands out.

Now let’s talk about the design of the exchange and how to use it:

This is what the main spot trading window looks like:

Below are all the types of trading that are available on this exchange:

As you can see, there are enough of them here, so you can safely and conveniently trade and lend your money here!

Welcome Bonus on Phemex:

Up to $80 in bonuses can be used to open positions and cover trading fees, and more. Any realized profits can then be withdrawn.

Deposit Bonus:

Trading Bonus:

Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions:

1. By participating in Welcome Bonus promotion, you are hereby accepting all of terms and conditions.

2. Welcome Bonuses can be used to open positions, to pay fees or to cover losses. Bonuses cover 50% of fees and losses prior to user’s own capital. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn to wallets, or transferred between trading accounts.

3. Attempting to withdraw any funds from your trading accounts will cause any and all remaining bonus amounts to be removed immediately.

4. You are not allowed to register with multiple email addresses to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. Your account will be banned if any cheating is detected by system.

5. Deposits and transactions are only valid starting from 3:00 UTC June 22, 2020. Previous deposits and transactions will not be counted.

6. If your account is banned due to multiple-account checks, please contact online customer support or email Phemex will refund your deposit.

Phemex reserves the right to modify this program’s details at will.

My opinion about Phemex Eschange :

This exchange is translated into many languages, so it will be quite convenient for anyone to use this exchange.

The exchange is very easy to use and I am sure that not one user will have any questions about using this exchange, because the interface of the exchange is the simplest!

Also, one of the most important, on the exchange you do not need to pass verification, I believe that this is a very significant plus for the exchange, because many exchanges request KYC, but here it is not necessary and this is very good news!

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