IDNI — Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives

Today I will tell you about the IDNI project.

IDNI project — decentralized blockchain network intended to solve the bottlenecks inherent in large scale human communication and accelerate productivity in human collaboration using logic based Artificial Intelligence.

The core principle of project is that the users can not only interact with each other but also make their statements clear to their Tau client. Paradigm of projec enables.

Tau to deduce areas of consensus among its users in real time, allowing the network to boost communication by acting as an intermediary between humans.

Tau does so by collecting the opinions and preferences its users wish to share and logically constructing opinions into a semantic knowledge base.

What are the project goals?

  1. The project is going to create a single TAU Meta Language (TMA). With this, it will be possible to define and translate information from other languages without losing the basic information.
  2. The project wants to scale the discussions, because they are very important in our world.
  3. Huge database of languages.
  4. Accelerating and Automating Collaboration
  • In addition to being able to scale discussions, Tau’s decidable logical framework allows it to synthesize and execute code based on user specifications.
  • Users can create their own teams under Tau to discuss and collaborate on a project with its own private knowledge base.
  • After taking advantage of Tau’s ability to scale discussions, teams can quickly reach a consensus on the specifications and Tau can automatically generate and execute code, according to those specifications.

5. Real Time Social Choice

6. Agoras Smart Knowledge Economy


Agoras — is featured intelligent economy, It includes a market for computing resources, as well as advanced financial instruments, such as the derivatives exchange, which allows risk-free interest with zero inflation.

Agoras Main Features :

  1. Computational Resources Market
    user in the TAU market will be able to buy their own computing power to use.
  2. Advanced Financial Tools
    The project implements an electronic derivatives market that has no leverage and allows risk-free interest, without the need to print new tokens.
  3. Automated Businesses
    By leveraging the power of Tau, Agoras participants will have access to a vast wealth of knowledge on every imaginable topic like the economy, law, society and information about merchants and their goods available on the market.
  4. Efficiency and Fairness
    The economy is completely online, information can flow quickly and freely, so we can expect Agors to be highly efficient. This creates a fairer market in terms of more uniform availability of information.
    — Resources in a TAU network are typically bought by larger organizations and sold to a wider audience, while smaller participants may simply rent out their idle computing power.

My opinion about TAU project:

The project brought together people who passionately want to change our world and build a better society. The project team is made up of professionals from different industries and practices to make sure that development is relevant to people from all disciplines.

It seems to me that in the future, trading in computing power will be quite popular and necessary in the market. That is precisely why this project can become very significant for the future in this world.

Therefore, I advise you to take part in the beginning of the development of this project.

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