EQuilibrium — the first decentralized interoperable money market

It’s 2020, during the crisis, people are tired of the pressure of all banks, people want to feel the freedom that has been taken from them, including financial freedom. Cryptocurrencies are developing, but they are no longer such a financially free instrument, of course, there are different segments of cryptocurrencies, today we will talk about promising coins of the future, which are completely decentralized — DeFi tokens.

And today I will tell you about a project that combines the functionality of all defi tokens, simplifies the use of the defi system.
EQuilibrium project — the platform is a cross-chain platform, at the moment there are two blockchains connected:
EOS and Bitcoin.
In the future, this project still wants to connect many blockchains, such as:
Tron, Ripple, Ethereum and other.

As I said, this project allows people to use all the functions of the defi in one convenient interface, on one resource. What exactly does it offer users:
You can lend All main crypto assets and EQ tokens.
Yoy can borrow all main crypto assets, Decentralized stablecoins, Synthetic assets.
3.Trade all main crypto assets, Decentralized stablecoins. Synthetic assets
and EQ tokens
4.Stake PoS & DPoS crypto assets
and EQ tokens.

Now I will tell you about a token that will bring you more profit than a dollar. EOSDT is a dollar-pegged currency that uses the underlying EOS and BTC blockchain backing. By putting your coins as collateral, you can passively earn up to 3 percent per annum on locked coins.
This system exists to maintain liquidity in the market.
If you withdraw your funds ahead of schedule, you will be charged a fine of 15%

Why should you trust?

  • Reliable price feeds
    The current price is updated every minute
    - Accessible liquidation
    The stability mechanisms are embedded in smart contracts to maintain a 1:1 parity with USD.
    -Decentralized governance

Now let’s take a closer look at Staking. You can add three coins to Staking:
For staking, you just need :
1. Choose an asset for staking and the number of coins that you will send to staking
2. Send coins to the project’s smart contract
3. Receive up to 11%, basically you will receive 2–3%.

The project gives you a safe way to make money on coins, at least it’s better than they would just be in your wallet.

Why is it safe?

1.All your coins are stored in the project’s smart contracts and no one can withdraw them.
2.You will earn more on this project than on other projects, because this project does not make any money on staking, and other projects take a part of your profit.
3.Your earnings are credited to you in real time and you can withdraw your profits at any time.
4.Decentralization. As I said, this is a completely decentralized system, only you have access to your rates.

How does staking work?

Also, using your own NUT tokens, you can vote for your favorite Block Producers.
There is also a function to create your own pyramid and make money on it.


Equilibrium introduces a tool to lever up your EOS holdings seamlessly via connected DEXes in a single blockchain transaction.

How does it work?

And so, now we can summarize and draw a conclusion about this project.

This project really has great prospects in the future. defi finance is developing every day, and along with the development of decentralized assets, this project is also developing, it simplifies the use of defi coins. Here you can do voting, staking, pyramiding, and help maintain market liquidity.
This project is too young, but it already has huge plans, a lot of things have not been done yet and many things are not clear. But the fact that this is the first decentralized money market is true. Also, due to the cross-chain nature of the platform, it is very convenient to make transactions between different blockchains.

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